Gaspar Hernandez is a coastal town in the northern of Dominican Republic. It was founded in 1907 with the name of Joba. It has optimal conditions for the development of mountain and beach tourism, thanks to climatic and geographical conditions. Gaspar Hernandez has an economy that is divided between tourism and agricultural production. The main products are cocoa, coffee, banana, cassava and coconut. With regard to tourism, it is economically important to the city. Mountain tourism develops mainly in the section of Ojo de Agua, where there are caves, springs and rivers like the Rio Arroyo Grande and Ojo de Agua, which are the main attraction of the region.
In the coastal area there are numerous hotel projects that ensure tourism growth with lots of sun and beach in the area. There are a few small hotels in Gaspar Hernandez to discover in this pretty little town in the north of the Dominican Republic.

Gaspar Hernandez